Live year by year as planes develop.

I and my business partner are going to try and change the present by interfacing with the peoples values in the past and requesting those people there to not loose their humanity. To not turn into a greedy uncaring inhumane mass. Our intention is to change the present by interfacing with values of the past and requesting people to not loose their humanity.

The human being because they have to interact with time only in the present moment by moment, it is their perception that time is linear but because we physically can not go forward or backward it does not mean we can not model past or future and then move into it. Once there we believe that interaction between us the indigenous population could be beneficial.

Although it is our intention to entertain the four months of research that went into the making also means we intend to inform viewers. We provide access to all we have learned. This is one of our minor projects - a sketch programme.

We at Flip-Time have done all the work - it is by us - everything - sound, music, drawings, animations, text, story line only history provided the result. Although primarily entertainment, we have provided a true story to the best of our research. We have treated the work as if expressing the views and knowledge from the period, not a result of the subsequent research.