first man formed communities for cooperation
then he learned to talk & teach
history became an oral tradition
pictograms and written language followed
painting - theatre - design covered
from about 10,000BC

then a bit over a hundred years ago it began again:

photography and film
mobile telephones
and now the future is here: iPhones and iPads

we have become aware that time leaks; the future comes thru - tests show - if enough emotion is involved.

we have a grand plan - possibly the most ambitious possible.

we want to change the present. (no one alive can believe we got it right)

we developed a new art form iPush Time-Alternation.

by treating special events in the past as news broadcast in the present and by separating the presentation of these broadcasts by the same real time intervals we expect to involve you in these events - your emotions will intermingle with the actual peoples emotions. If they feel how out of balance their future is we know they will set out to make the future a better place. Their future is our now with more and more interactions we know our present will become a better place.

This is a grand plan and we can make it happen - join us - work along side us - use our past to make a better now for us.

The animated & visual productions we are making are the first art form that comes to you.

Before you had to - go to buy a book,

- go to see a painting,

- visit a theatre or

- visit a cinema

but here we will send you a push to update the past in the present ...

.Author: ArchitectPage