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80 years ago the British won the Schneider trophy for the third time. The result of this, under the rules, that they got to keep it. Following just 12 races in 18 years, since 1913, the average speed rose by a factor of 7! To put this into context, had the rate of development have continued, as witnessed during these races, then the Red Bull Racers would be today flying at speeds of 2432 mph. As things stand they operate a top speed of around 260.

The pilots who flew these racing vehicles were averaging lap speeds at only 3% below their plane's maximum speed - roughly 380 mph. The competition for the trophy, won in 1931, had resulted in the development of float planes that could comparatively challenge and exceed the performance of land based planes.

Over the course of a week you will go back to merge with a different society and hear first hand accounts from these spectacular events and what such fantastic technical achievements have had in the time during and since.

We will take you through what initially had started as just another standard plane race and broke away into what swiftly became government funded events, upon which the outcome of World War 2 may very well have been determined.

We at Flip-Time have done all the work for you - sound, music, drawings, animation, research - only history has provided the result. I and my business partner are going to try to change the present by interfacing with values from the past, requesting people to not lose their humanity.

In 1931 in England we had only BBC radio, newspapers and Flying Magazines.

Our work is time related each event is reported exactly 80 years after it happened.

Although it is our intention to entertain the four months of research that went into the making also means we intend to inform viewers. We provide access to all we have learned. This is one of our middle sized projects - a drawn programme.

We at Flip-Time have done all the work - it is by us - everything - sound, music, drawings, animations, text, story line only history provided the result. Although primarily entertainment, we have provided a true story to the best of our research. We have treated the work as if expressing the views and knowledge from the period, not a result of the subsequent 80 plus years of research.

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