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In a time when fossil fuels are at a never-before seen low, population is increasing at an astronomical race and the need to switch over to a more sustainable series of resources is at its peak, we believe the best long-term solution is to move between other planets, successfully harnessing solar energies and minerals. This was the initial long term aim.

This first part of this product: 'Flip - The Race to the Moon No.1' goes from the early part of the 20th century, looking at the initial foundations from which recent space projects have stemmed and discovers the initial theories as to the reason for the eventual aim of living between planets; not the current tenancy to use space exploits to return data in the hope of learning of our and our planet's origins, but to make progress for the substantiation of the human race. We follow the story from initial concept, through the history of ICBM's and satellites, up to the execution of the first successful space missions.

The project will take you back in time, step by step, tracing events in relation to how they played out some 50 years ago, the intent to not only inform and entertain but provide a basis for people to re-awaken the question of why we have not yet moved into Space and another big push, contributed to by the majority of countries.

Our work has been constructed entirely from our own images, sound and music, the information has been researched as thoroughly as possible to relay the ideology from the day although views, technology and concepts up to modern day are also covered. All information found during the research of this project has been made available.