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It's 1941 I'm in the freezing sea just off the Iceland ice-pack - I'm alive! I suck air into my lungs - only a minute before I was being sucked deep down into the ocean - now I look up at a steel mountain of the ship I was just exploded away from then she rushes past, down to the bottom of the sea......

It's 1925 I'm strapped down I'm at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean - I must get out - I must get out ..... hold on to my breath, think, think: I have got to release myself .....

Please say you want more than these 2 tiny snatched moments from our apps.....

Well if you like stories - stories like you are there - you are living it - you exist for it - you exist because of it - you need to get to the iTunes store NOW and buy Apps from Flip-time.com ... faster still visit our website from where you can be directed immediately to the App from our landing page. http://www.flip-time.com

Illustrated story telling began with the first cave paintings - we, Flip-time.com, are the most recent manifestation of this need in mankind’s soul to explain to the wonderment of an audience the pure joy of existence.

Please let us at Flip-Time.com welcome you to 'IPT-A,' iPush Time-Alternation apps; a new art form created by the partnership of Amber Young and Chris Page.

Because for the first time we have a technology that can contact you with milliseconds accuracy we are able at last to give you a ‘push’ that will take you to a different place and time.

But for the moment just relax and enjoy - this is the art form entertainment that will come and get you not one you have to go to get.

No 1: "The Sinking of the German Battleship Bismarck by the British Royal Navy in 1941" this offering of entertainment is produced for the 70th anniversary of Bismarck’s race for the open waters of the Atlantic.

No 2: “The 1966 Le Mans 24 hour Sportscar Race” produced for the 45th anniversary of this battle between the first 200 mph cars sports cars from Europe and America.

No 3 "The Race to the Moon: Part One" produced for the 50th anniversary of mans first flight into space; it takes you from the first calculating ideas of men to the actual rocketing of men into space from USA and USSR - Alan Shepard’s Mercury flight following Yuri Gargarin’s single obit of earth.

In Part 2, still in research, we will take you up to Apollo 11’s moon landing with the story of Gemini and Vostok taking in docking in space and space walking.
In Part 3 we will take you on past today into our future to a Moon base built and set up by China. The journey will take in final moon landings, the space stations and shuttle including a Chinese man in space program.

No 4: The next iPT-A product, in preparation, will be the history of the Schneider Trophy for seaplanes air races which was won outright by the British in 1931 - exactly 80 years in September this year.
Nos 5, The next iPT-A product, in research and preparation, is the 1967 Le Mans 24 hour motor race as a follow up the 1966 App

For more information about all of our apps and more upcoming events please visit http://www.flip-time.com

We have invested our energies in these works of art for a far greater reason than just to entertain you, which would be a good enough reason, but we have decided to go for something much bigger, much much bigger.

No not to educate, not to improve understanding, not to make everyone care more about one another’s well being, though these are concerns drive us, we want to change the present. Yes, correct, we want to change the present.

Although anyone of us can change the future - it already exists. Recent experiments into time have lead the test scientist to realise that the future exists - what is more it leaks through: if you care to test it. It appears that emotion is the driving force in ‘life’ and by maximizing emotion, as much as it is possible in controlled conditions inside a science laboratory, it proves to be possible to drag the future back into the now.

Getting to our point: if it is possible to use emotion to move through time and we take you back in time so you interface with the people then alive and by proximity you make them realise that their future is as truly awful as it is now, the one we are actually living in. Then we believe they in that knowledge will act differently and make their future a better place and hence our now a much better place.

The concept therefore is that by influencing many millions of people from the past into understanding what will go wrong if they don’t act we can change our present by effecting our past timeline.

Added to this, it is obvious we will also alter our outlook as viewers. You can not be emotionally involved at a place where 3000 people die in an 8 day period and not be changed. We too are changed; when doing the voice over for the morning we knew Bismarck was going to 'get it' we did it through tears because we felt the sailors aboard knew they had hours only before fate might take them. They already truly knew of love and loss, destruction and sorrow.

It is this interplay of emotion in time and space that our art will employ for all our good.

We ask you to involve all your students, coworkers, viewers, readers, listeners in our work so they become interested in the possibilities.

The premise is simple because the events are happening in real time historically you are sent a push through your iPhone which lets you see the latest element of the story. Using drawings, animations and voiceovers we tell you the up to date situation of the event.

Running daily, over a course of 7 days; the actual events and reporting of what is happening obviously occur at different times of day and this is reflected in the timing of the iPushes. Should you start mid week you can see events thus far in 'catch-up' before commencing the sequence as predetermined by Flip-time’s historical researches.

Never before has it been possible to do historical events at the pace of the original. Before you had to go to buy a book, see a painting, visit a theatre or cinema, go on-line by your own efforts to a planned timing but here we will send you a iPush to update the past in the present.

We further point out to our viewers the technological limitations of the time the event is set so that they understand such things as only black and white tv news broadcasting, distance of RADAR scanning, only flags for communication, making photos in the satellites and scanning them for onward transmission to earth etc.

When you buy our apps you will see programmes lovingly created in response to what we have found through months of intense research: all the sounds, music, drawings, animation, and storyline are by Flip-time.com - only history provided the outcome.








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