Meditation - Mandalas

Some find a visual approach to a higher plane of consciousness is assisted by the use of a mandalas. This is used as a tool to meditation.

A Mandalas is a circular design with a square or sometimes another circle placed in to the middle. The eye will be drawn to the centre which helps the mind to focus as is essential during meditation.

The mandalas represents the universal circleIt can also be a square with 4 doors leading to the centre circle. It represents the universe and how the meditators life fits within it. Tibetan monks use mandalas constantly but they often add colour. A mandalas can be drawn perhaps into the sand on a beach for use as part of the healing process of a ceremony. Mandalas colouring books are popular as a means of relaxation often used before or after meditation.

A Mandalas can be the ultimate symbol for uniting our inner and outer selves.

The Labyrinth pattern is another type of mandala.

The use of a mantras refers to the circle of life. This is a sound oriented way of meditation. To repeat a word or phrase is to chant. This is very popular with Buddhists. It keeps the mind focused. Any word of phrase sacred to you can become your mantras.