Whenever you have a decision to make take a backward step and analyse it. Keep a list of any decisions you make during the next few days and how you reached conclusions. Let your intuition help you.

What decision do you need to make? Write down everything which comes to mind.
Your feelings and emotions
your senses
what you hear and what you see
any other impressions.

Are you ready to trust your instincts?

Can you make a decision based on intuition?

What does this tell you?

Do you feel your decision may have changed based on intuition?

In your log go on to write the outcome. How did the decision turn out? Write down the results.

List which senses were the most accurate, helpful or strongest

Is there anything else to note about the decision making process?

Did you feel easy or uneasy moving forward?

What was your gut instinct and how did that play in the decision making process?