Go to a place of peace. A place away from any distractions. A place of comfort. Concentrate on your surroundings. Perhaps listen to quiet music. Look at a picture or put yourself in a place which brings you peace. Your mind will take you there.
Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Imagine the light beaming down on to you from above. The bright and warm light filling you with peace and relaxation. Continue to take the deep breaths as the light swamps you gradually going from your head to your feet. Deep breaths and empty your mind. Sit very still and feel the light. Visualise a sunny warm day with those rays of sunshine on your head passing the warmth through your body, your head, your head your arms. Through your fingers chest, back legs and feet bringing a calming and relaxing feeling thought. Keep deep breathing counting to 10 allowing the sunshine to leave your body taking all the tension and worry from you.
Relax and ask for answers to your questions. So you feel alone or do you feel someone is with you. Ask who they might be. Perhaps it is your guide. Pay attention to your emotions and your intuition. Use symbols to recognise answers. Note any physical sensations. Note any words which come to your mind. Think of the messages you are given. Are there impressions? Emotions? physical or auditory note anything for future thoughts. When you feel ready you need to bring yourself back. If you have anyone with you then thank them and say goodbye. Feel the warmth of the light leave your body. From the tips of the toes riding through to the top of your head. Feel the warmth leave and count to ten moving your toes and your hands. Sit quietly for a moment taking in the emotions and the quietness. Once you are ready then you need to close yourself down. Start at the top of your head working down. Image a golden egg keeping you safe wrapping you in it’s golden shell. Your golden egg will keep you safe.