Problems Big or Small

If you believe you have a problem - ask the question: is this a problem?

Analyse what is the problem and then write down what is the problem as you understand it.

Getting answers?

To get an answer of how to resolve things to your satisfaction there are many methods:

put the question under your pillow and sleep on it - you should know the answer in the morning.

take an easy flow pen or pencil, a blank piece of paper and let your mind go and ‘automatic write’ you have to be able to let go - do not be concerned - if things are getting out of control - simply scratch your writing hand.

Tarot cards are a very good method of answering your question.

the iChing is a very good method of answering your question.

prayer can get you an answer.

you can meditate on your need for an answer.

you can ask yourself what you need to know - days later the answer will pop out.

another way of getting an answer to the question is to go to a bookcase pick a book at random pick page without looking and again without looking point at a line ….. read it - it will generally provide and answer or direct you to a way to get the answer.

Warning note: don’t tell a friend - they will answer you in a way they think you will want to hear - you may end up falling out. A problem shared is not a problem halved.