Art - do it - your life depends on it!

One of the things that makes human beings stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom is a requirement to express in art the extent of his or her emotional interaction with the rest of life in the wonderment of the universe.

At each point of change in his development and technological progression he has adapted the form that this expression takes.

First we had story telling - it is apparent that early cave paintings were viewed in association with a narrative.

It is a known fact that a tribe's or nation's history became important to the common people, to see where they came from and to help them plot their way forward.

Humans who have set about creating a future for themselves have done it from a position of knowing their place in history. In order to influence others theatre, oratory and visual images were all employed.

The turn of the 20th century saw the development of film which became firstly movies then later TV and as the century closed we had the internet, mobile phones and digital image storage. Each step along the way art followed painting and photography gave way to computer generated visual arts, amplification of instruments turned into computer generated music, film became tape, became hard disk then video on card.

Post World War 2 the arts have pointed out the realities of our existence and the escapism of pre-war films quickly died out. Kitchen sink dramas of the early sixties wiped out class along with the politics of social position - in a world where a nuclear bomb on an ICBM failes to discriminate between King and shop assistant it was impossible to state superiority by place of birth.

Towards the end of the last century the arts became a fight against the move by the average person the having cameras, videos and computers creating their own art - it had to become an 'experience' .... the best of which was a glass box set outside a London art gallery where a person could use the toilet surrounded by passers-bye who could not see in but to the occupant it was a glass wall.

No one expects tv to exist in ten years time, the internet is already taking up more entertainment time but the mobile phone with a built in screen with more definition than tv is the obvious next entertainer.

Being entertained may be good enough some times but humans really need to produce art - to tell their story. We suggest you go from using your phone as a record taker to a producer of art. Don't doodle on a pad draw something. Turn your home and garden into a work of art. Invent a new art form.