What can I do to …… improve a relationship

Where should I go to ………….

When should I …………….

Should I ……

Can I ……

You will become aware of the answers. You may feel, see or hear. Pay attention to these answers. You may be aware that you are not alone. Someone may be with you. Ask their name. They may give it to you. Maybe they might answer your question or guide you to find the answer.
After a while you will feel it time to come back. If someone is with you then thank them and say goodbye. Make a note of the answers to your questions and take deep breaths. Feel the heat from the light of the sun leave your body. From your feet upwards to your head where it will leave you. Sit quietly by your tree still taking the deep breaths. Feel yourself waking to energy. Stand up and shake your hands and legs. Digest what happened and write yourself notes to add to your log.
Should you not receive the answers you were looking for do not worry. You may find they suddenly come to you at a later time. Without warning you will find the answer is there. Log it!

This meditation needs practice. It is a skill to be developed like any other skill. The more your meditate the more you will recognise.