There are so many people all over the world that have a story to tell relating to an encounter with an angel. In utter times of darkness, fear or hopelessness angels have been known to appear and guide. In times of total despair and need angels do not wait to be invited into your life. They will make the decision to come to your aid to guide you. They often come as quickly as they leave but not without doing all they can to help you. Below you can read a few examples of the help angels have given. Maybe if you think back into your life you may realise that you too have a story to tell.

1) A cold winters night followed an afternoon walking in the country across fields into the woods. Andrew felt he knew his way back to his holiday home. After all the pathway was easy to follow which would lead him across the fields. As it was just beginning to become dark he turned to return but realised he had no idea which way he should follow. The path wasn’t there. His sense of direction was fooled by the darkness and the dense trees. After a couple of hours walking he knew he was lost and heading straight into the heart of the darkness of the trees. The temperature had fallen. Andrew felt very alone and frightened. He knew that in this part of the country at the time of year the temperature would be well below freezing. He had just a thin coat which would not keep him warm during the long freezing night. He looked into the distance and saw only darkness. He felt despair and fear not knowing which way to go. There was nowhere to shield from the coldness of the night. After a little while he saw just to the side of him a light. Just 20 feet or so away. This light could not be identified as a torch - it was just a light. He walked towards it when a voice told him not to worry he was safe and to follow the light which would take him to safety. Andrew did just that! He could hear the voice re-assuring him and could see the light he should follow but he couldn’t see who was shining the light or indeed who the voice belonged to. After a while he saw the lights in front of him which were the lights of the holiday complex. He was safe. He turned to the light that he had followed and to thank the kind person who had brought him to safety but the light had gone. The voice he heard said two words ‘God Bless’. With that he felt alone again but safe. Was this an angel who came to his rescue? Andrew is convinced that be the case. Did he invite into his life? He remembers asking God for help. We know that angels like to be invited but use their discretion. Was this the case? Did the wonderful angel use discretion or did God send him to help?