ANGEL THERAPY - ADVOCACY - Do you need help having your voice heard?

We are able to help you to have your voice heard on issues which are important to you.

You can join our monthly membership allowing you access to an online advocate during your membership who will work with you OR
We will put you in touch with one of our many localised advocates where you can if applicable meet. You will organise a fee structure with them and work with them directly some of which may be online or by phone.

Some people need the help of an advocate for various reasons. Perhaps it is the most basic of things but you may feel you lack the confidence or the knowledge to deal with an issue. Some of the people we help have needed someone to help them to defend and safeguard their rights. Sometimes people feel that their views and wishes are not considered when decisions are made. This is where we can help. We can help and support expressing your views and concerns.

We will help to access information and applicable services exploring choices and options. We will help to defend and promote choices and responsibilities.

We will provide support as and when you need it. We can be helpful in any kind of situation. We act as independents and will work towards representing your wishes without any form of judgement. We will help you identify a solution of our choice.

How your advocate helps you is up to you – they're there to support your choices.

Listen to your views and concerns

Help you explore your options and rights (without advising you in any particular direction)

Give you information to help you make informed decisions

Help you contact relevant people, or contact them on your behalf

Accompany and support you in meetings or appointments if and where appropriate

An advocate will not:

Give you their personal opinion

Solve problems and make decisions for you

Make judgements about you