Do you have the desire and drive for more from life? To grow, to have ambition indoor personal life or your career but lack the ability to have the get up and go to get up and go! Do you lack direction or initiative? Perhaps you need someone to help point you in the right direction. To tell you it is ok to take risks or to help you face the uncertainties that the challenges of life alone can bring? Angel therapy can help to empower you as you journey through life.

Many of us seek financial wealth, a new car, a good job, the latest phone and to some these material things can be close at hand but to others it is much more than ownership of materials. It could be recognition, power , more meaning or purpose or just the ability to lead a good life and cope with day to day worries. It may be fulfilment in life generally. Our lives are filled with critical moments and decisions to be made. Angel therapy will help you to develop your weaker areas whilst harnessing and acknowledging your strengths. Support and encouragement will be available to help you tackle those things which you may find difficult to face alone.


Relationships, family issues, communication, confidence, friendship, motivation, stress, work/life balance, career and recruitment as well as many other areas of life the list to long to mention.

mentoring and career, job seeking, education, communication a
It is Angel therapy aim’s to help support and empower you as you make your journey through life. We help you find self acceptance and to learn to like yourself for the person you are whilst developing the person within. We help you to plan to achieve your goals and find confidence strength and joy in life. We encourage self help to develop inner resilience and peace so that you can work towards achieving your goals gaining confidence and strengthen life.

By listening to your needs we work with you to create a way to go forward to help you grow to your potential by helping to empower to enable you to gain self confidence and be in control of your life by creating self development and growth.

We are able to provide coaching online, via FaceTime or Skype or by just being at the end of a line by appointment. Sessions vary in price and will be discussed and agreed with you after evaluation. These sessions can be booked as a bundle and will include phone contact. Please do contact us for more detail.

Life is a challenge but with a positive attitude and the will to succeed the World can become a much smaller and productive place to be part of!

Take the first step - contact Angel Therapy now - we wait to take you forward!