Emotions ride deep with the loss of a loved one. Even those we have little or no contact with can pull the heart strings. We read daily of events which question. Some bring thoughts to mind. Others tears to the eyes and often emotions which bring us to the question of are our loved ones still with us.

While the passing of a loved one can be heart wrenching many believe that they are still with us. They believe they communicate giving signs that they are not far away. Others question this is the mind playing tricks or just plain wishful thinking.

Psychics mediums and spiritual people believe that there is an extension to this life as we know it. That our loved ones are on a different plain of development. They are able to communicate but we have to leave ourselves open to receive their messages. There is no scientific proof to suggest this is the case. Some just believe that when we are dead we are dead. Dust to dust. How then can there be so many cases that are just unexplained? Some people report seeing their loved ones. Others see what they cll ghosts. Others smells or movement of objects. Many question the power of the mind. It is a subject which has no answer as we do not know for sure what that answer might be. There have been cases where the most adamant believer of death is the end has turned around their beliefs based on something which they have witnessed. Your own stories are much welcomed by us.


The smelling of a scent many have reported as being a sign. A certain perfume used by a certain person. Or perhaps a smell of their favourite cigar! One person reported she smelt the aftershave of her father in law after he had died. She didn’t mention to her husband for fear of upsetting him. This smell was only at certain times and always very strong. Her father in law would often stay with them so the smell of his aftershave was a well known smell. This went on for quite a while until she felt she would need to mention to her husband. In fact there was a rather comical conclusion to this. Unbeknown to her, the husband had emptied his father’s aftershave into the hoover. Therefore ever time it was used it would leave the smell on the carpets. So in this case there was an explanation but for others the smell of someone may not be able to be explained. Some people also have reported the smell of certain foods. These foods may be the loved ones favourite and may just come and go literally for seconds. Long enough to allow their presence to be noticed.

Dreams too are often the way a loved one can make contact. Many might try to rationally explain a visitation within a dream but others truly believe that their lost one has appeared to them as a re-assurance. Even in the bible there are references to God appearing in a dream. Can this be discounted? There are always reasons to be found wither way but how do we explain a reaccurence of the same dream? At possibly the same time with the same message? How can dreams which come with warnings of things to be aware be dismissed when later become actual? Some people report being woken from their dream to find their loved one sitting on their bed. Are they worried by this or frightened? The over all answer to this is no. How can you be frightened of a loved one? Would they hurt you in life? No! So why would they hurt you from the other side?

Another way of letting you know they are around you is to move objects! How many times have you put something down to then find it in a completely different place? Or disappear altogether only to then reappear at a later time in a different place without reason. Some find objects close to them which in life had meant something. Maybe a photograph or a piece of jewellery. A lady was telling me a story of her Dad making contact with jewellery. He had a cousin who was a jeweller. Each time the daughter visited her father he would ask to visit the cousin. On each visit the Dad would ask the daughter to pick out a piece of jewellery for the mother. After deciding there were only so many rings to be worn the daughter then would choose earrings. Beautiful gold earrings often with a stone of sorts. After the father died the mother was often losing an earring. The house would be searched over a number of days. The linen on the bed checked as well as clothing but never found. Days and sometimes weeks would go by then the earring would suddenly just turn up. Sometimes in strange places or places checked many times or sometimes just on a shelf or fireplace. This was always an indication that the Dad was there and he was looking after the Mum. Often this was far more than could ever be put down to coincidence!

Many others report a sensing of a loved one being near. They just knew! Perhaps they have even felt them brush against their face or arm but they knew without doubt in their mind that they had their visitor. They sense their presence. Some people have reported tat they feel the energy of a loved one being close. Perhaps the feeling of not being alone or even the change of energy within the room. Perhaps that feeling of knowing someone is sitting next to you or standing behind. Perhaps the temperature of the room may change even for just a few seconds but long enough to just know someone is with you. Another story is from a young grandson of 16 years old who had just lost his beloved grandfather. The grandfather drank his tea cold. On visiting his grandmother he found the house busy with members of the family in the kitchen eating for his grandmother to make a cup of tea. The grandmother asked her grandson to go to the bedroom to collect her jumper as she felt cold. In the bedroom was a photograph of his grandfather which he tapped saying hello Grandad. His Grandmother handed him his cup of tea which had been made at the same time as his uncles from the same hot water in the kettle. His tea was stone cold while everyone else was hot! He believes to this day that Grandad was making himself known. Maybe he was even there having that cuppa with his family. A nice thought to have!

What about music? Has there been a certain tune, piece of music or song which has meant something to you and your loved one? Maybe a song that means something just to you which relies to their passing? How many times does that song or music play just when you need re-assurance or perhaps a pat on the back or even just a hug? Some people hear these meaningful reminders over and over in different places under different situation but enough to not dismiss as co-incidence. Others have reported electrical activity such as a flicker of a light or even a lamp being turned on. One older lady who had recently lost her beloved husband was awake thinking of him during the early hours of her birthday. She felt very sad being her first birthday for 40 odd years with out him. She was crying thinking of all the good birthdays which they had shared. Wide awake and far from sleep the phone rang. She answered being a little apprehensive of who might be calling at why at this unsociable hour. There was no one on the end of the phone just a crackling sound. It was not one of those silent computer aided calls as she felt a connection through the crackling . After a while the tone came back on the phone so she replaced it. She dialled the usual number which records the number of the last incoming call to find that the last call was the day before. No call had been registered for just a few moments ago and neither was it when she checked again later. She just knew it was her husband reassuring her and letting her know he was with her on her birthday. To this day she will not consider otherwise.

It has also been reported that numbers can suddenly become active. Maybe a number which was important to the loved one or connected to in some way. These numbers would be meaningful and could pop up anywhere without good reason. Maybe on a clock as an example. The clock may stop at the time which represents something important or relevant or a bus may go past with a number which relates. The same number may just keep popping up which could be coincidence but is often thought to be much more. Lottery numbers given by a loved one have yet to be forthcoming in my direction though!

Robins, butterflies and white feathers are also indication that a loved one may be near by you. Often you will just feel something familiar about it. Feathers are also connected with angel wings. A white feather especially being associated with angels and loved ones. A daughter was doing a good turn for her mother by cutting the grass in her huge garden for her as the gardener had not arrived. It was a very hot day and very hard work on even an average temperature. The mower was old and small but as the garden looking nice was important to the mother the daughter kept going to the point of near exhaustion. Out of site the daughter held the mower and shouted to her father for help. The father loved his garden and would spend hours pottering around. She had a one sided conversation with her father explaining how difficult the job was for her and how she didn’t have the strength to continue. What happened next was quite strange. She began to push the mower but without the force needed previously. It guided across the grass cutting beautiful without very much effort. On completion she thanked her father and asked for a sign that he had helped her. On walking down the garden she counted 12 small white feathers which she would certainly have noticed while cutting the grass. She believes she had her sign and she believes her Dad cut the grass.

So many more stories could be added but we will leave that to you. Please do email or message us in with your experiences or comments.