Rudraksha & Dzi Beads

Many aspects of Feng Shui focus on bringing in elements into a person’s life; situations, and opportunities.  Although beads can help enhance these focuses, their offer the wearer an enhancement in life from the inside - their powers channel a correct mindset and clarity of mind.  Here we take a look at the types of beads that are believed to be useful in achieving specific goals with Feng Shui.

Rudraksha beads that are made from Rudraksha seeds which in Hindu religions are sacred plants and commonly referred to as ‘The Eyes of Shiva.’  Many of the most spiritually powerful figures through history have adorned themselves with strings of these beads so the positive connotations have remained through the years.  These sacred religious beads need to be cleansed prior to use.  

Dzi beads are manmade and come in a variety of designs, lengths and numerical combinations:

1 eye beads - enjoyment of all life’s gifts & enhance wisdom

2 eye beads - bringing unity between relationships 

3 eye beads - three stars of luck: longevity, honor and happiness

4 eye beads - Clears obstacles and blockages

5 eye beads - granting inner peace over past negative deeds and achieving all personal goals.  This is 1 of 3 of the most highly prized bead designs.

6 eye beads - Increase opportunities of good fortune and to remove sadness from life.

7 eye beads - Achieve fame and glory within ones career

8 eye beads - Helps the wearer achieve their goals through finding their correct path of focus.

9 eye beads - Acts as protection against evil and helps the wearer achieve god health and success.

10 eye beads - Removes hurdles from a path of career development.

11 eye beads - Reducing cravings to allow peace within the person’s psyche.

12 eye beads - Surpass expectations and desires.

13 eye beads - Allows the wearer to interact with their ancestors and interact with alternative dimensions.

14 eye beads - Clears the mind from superfluous focuses.

15 eye beads - Good fortune and wisdom.

16 eye beads - Helps guard against sadness and depression - the welcoming in of joy and lightheartedness. 

17 eye beads - It helps provoke others into seeing the wearer as the wearer perceives themselves in their unconscious mind.

18 eye beads - Protection against personal hook-ups and obsessions.

19 eye beads - An aid to fulfilling ones dreams by enabling the wearing to sot the necessary bridges together to attain their goals.

20 eye beads - Helps the wearer to break the cycle of restarting - this is a very rare bead.

21 eye beads  - wealth and infinite blessings, enhancement of the wearer’s magical powers.  This is perhaps the most sought after of any of the beads - this bead unifies the positive powers of the other beads in proximity.  

Jewelry - pendants, anklets or bracelets may also incorporate Dzi Beads (also known as Tibetan Beads and similar to Turkish Beads (blue & white)) - these are special glass / wooden beads that contain an eye shaped design - good jewelry have either 7, 12 of 21 eyes.  The eye design looks out for the wearer from negative energies.  

The most potent of Dzi Beads are formed from precious carnelian and agate stones.