What is intuition? Sixth sense

Intuition is sometimes referred to as a ‘hunch’ . - A sense of things about to happen. A ‘feeling’ perhaps of future events. A ‘knowing’ of who’s on the end of the phone as it rings. To think of someone and then to ‘bump’ into them. This is all intuition. It is a ‘homing’ in to the deep levels of the mind.

Sometimes intuition can gave a physical sensation. The feeling of ‘knots in the stomach’. Often by asking our intuition we are able to answer a question. Is it a good decision or a bad decision?

Do we always choose to listen to our intuition and to go with it? How many times have you asked If only I had done this or done that!

A good exercise to help be aware of intuition is to list throughout one day what your intuition is telling you. To keep in touch with your intuition and to raise awareness check in and review throughout the day.

Ask yourself questions. Be aware of what the day brings. What shall I do in this situation? What do I need to know about this?

Now look at how you measured response. Was it through feelings, words, images or sensations?

Decide if you are going to a act on what has been received - your intuition.

The use of intuition is a skill which needs to be learnt and developed. It may take time and patience to recognise. Ask for clarification. If it feels wrong then it probably is wrong. That is your intuition asking to be listened to.

Keep a log which you can consider to be your guidance. You can look back to see how accurate your intuitive guidance is and learn to trust it.

Meditation - Intuition

It is a good idea to set yourself exercises to develop intuition. Meditation is a good place to start. Sit in a quiet room so that you are able to relax. Turn off the phone and deep breath. Ask a question. An open ended question which doesn’t allow a plain yes or no answer. Ensure you feel comfortable.
Decide where to go to be comfortable - maybe the garden or a quiet room or even sitting in your car or on a park bench!
Perhaps play soft quiet music. Cut off your mind to the stress of everyday life. Attempt to empty your mind of thoughts.
Visualise being in a beautiful garden with perhaps a tree covered in pink blossom. You imagine sitting with your back resting against the bark of the tree. Close your eyes.

You can feel he bright warm sunshine through the leaves hitting your body. Take a deep breath and close your eyes tightly. Feel the sunshine go through your body. Through your head down your chest until it reaches your feet. You feel yourself covered in glowing radiant warm light. The light is calming and healing relaxing every part of your being.

Slowly take deep breaths in and hold. Breathe out slowly. Then breath in and hold breathing out slowly. Soothing and relaxing. When you feel ready then ask your question.