Fake or real?

People choose a reading with a psychic or psychic medium for many different reasons. It could be to find guidance or perhaps emotional reasons. Or it could be to connect with a loved one in the spirit world. Often it is a combination of reasons. Psychic nights have also become quite popular as a form of entertainment but many professionals tend to distance themselves from ‘performing’ in clubs or public houses as some feel it devalues them as professionals. A true psychic or psychic medium is not focused on telling you all about your future and what you should do to make things happen. Often the reading will also include things which you are already aware. This adds to the ‘evidence’ that the reading is authentic. Often, this validation gives you the courage to make difficult decisions you were perhaps you were hesitating to make.

It is often the case that people will seek a psychic or medium during times of emotional distress or difficulty. Perhaps when decisions are hard to make or maybe having lost someone close. A psychic or psychic medium is not there to tell you what to do, or even what the right choice is, but rather to give you encouragement and guide you to realisations that help you to keep moving forward.

The need for guidance is one of the most common motivations behind seeking a psychic reading. That guidance may just be the awareness that your loved one is still with you or perhaps an indication of how to tackle your fears for the future. Meeting with a psychic or psychic medium can bring you greater awareness of your own emotions and clarify questions you are having so you feel better prepared to handle them. This is especially the case when going through a bad time or a sense of being lost or confusion. A psychic is able to evaluate and help to bring clarity into life.

This connection with a psychic or psychic medium can help bring you emotional peace and inspire you to live more fully.

It is important to be aware that some charlatans operate by targeting those who may be in a delicate or emotional situation. These people are often vulnerable and leave themselves open to scams and fraud. Therefore steps should be taken to recognise a fake and protect yourself from the financial and emotional implications these frauds may cause.

There are a few give away signs which should be classes as warning signs. The first is the obvious - to be directly asked for money as a first step. A scam is somewhat different. Often these happen on the internet but have been known to happen using the postal system. Also a common scam of fake psychics is to approach people they see as gullible or vulnerable in public places and offer advice. These people seem to appear from the woodwork! They will often offer concern and emotional concern, even advice They often seem to be coming from a place of emotional warmth or concern. They attempt to relate to the situation bringing the person in close.
This approach can turn off your guard as you feel the person really understands and cares. Once your guard is down this is when they hit you in the pocket.

You should never be asked to provide private or sensitive information to your psychic. Don’t part with credit card or bank details and certainly do not give any information relating to your living arrangements, Some fake psychics take the stance that knowing this personal information will help them to connect more strongly, therefore making them more able to intuit things about you. This is not true. Should any of this happen then get up and walk away - quick without making payment. A true professional will not work in such a manner and would not be offended.

Remember the gypsy in the town centre with the bunch of lavender? If you didn’t cross the palm then a curse would be put on you! Some fakes still work along these lines. Trying to make you worried and all problems are your making as you are cursed. Cross their palm or send them money and all will be fixed. They can remove any curse or bad luck. Do not be taken in by this - they may even arrange to meet with you at a later date. This is all part of the scam.

The fraudsters work in the knowledge that many they scam will not report them to the authorities for various reason including that of embarrassment. They often move around from town to town or change their name and phone number. They attempt to keep a step ahead.

Another to be aware of is the telephone or internet psychic. These again are a form of scamming. Very rare to find a true reader these people will charge you a huge sum of money keeping you speaking on the telephone. They are often call centre workers operating from overseas with no psychic ability at all. They will gain your trust and encourage you to phone again to update or hear more. It should be suggested that these people be given distance as they will charge you a lot of money for basic rubbish!

Be aware of many questions being asked. Ok communication is important and a two way thing but if you feel too many questions are being asked then again be aware. Answer any questions with yes or no without giving anything away.