FENG SHUI - the philosophy and method of creating harmonious environments.

The art of Feng Shui can transform your Health, Wealth and Happiness. It is the art of placement.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which has over the last 20 years or so become very popular in the West. It is pronounced here as fung shway. It literally means wind and water.

The general explanation is that the physical environment expresses and affects the people who live within it. It encourages awareness of physical surroundings and to embrace them. It is the art of placing buildings and objects in relation to energy to accentuate the positive elements and minimise those which are negative.

The Chinese believe that an energy which is known as Ch’i (chee) flows around all of us throughout our lives. As long as it flows around freely then the body will remain healthy and good luck will be attracted. If this energy is allowed to become stagnant or blocked then life could take a turn for the worse. It interacts with the movement of chi’s energy with the balancing of feminine and masculine -yin and yang - with the five Chinese elements of earth, metal, water, wood and fire. This links in with Chinese astrology.

Chi’s energy is positive when allowed to flow freely but negative when left to stagnate. Feng Shui is all about fine tuning our physical environment to harmonise with our inner life force. An imbalance of energies displaces good luck and brings internal disorders.

Feng Shui allows the organisation of home or buildings so that the Chi has free movement. This means that the prices placement of furniture and objects need to be implemented. Symbolic objects are used to help to remove barriers to allow the Chi to flow free. This will assist with the tapping in of positive energy and disperse or interrupt negative energy. The impact of allowing free Chi will have a positive impact on well being and even financial prosperity.

Connected is Yin and Yang. Dark and light the complete opposites. Yin being the feminine element and yang the masculine. Blended together they create balance and therefore harmony.

Many people are now seeking the advice of a Fung Shui consultant to help them harmonise their homes either to sell or more so after purchase. The same applies for business as often a business venue may be decided on it’s Feng Shui. Many of the buildings in Hong Kong as an example have had the influence of a Fung Shui expert to assist with the external and internal designs and furnishings. This trend is becoming much the norm throughout America and Europe with many decisions being made just on the recommendations of a consultant. Whether a home, office or factory building the agenda is the same. That being to increase harmony and well being which will also influence prosperity, health and longevity.

Often Feng Shui is taken into consideration before the purchase but not always and neither should it be. Things can be put into place such as just the movement of certain furniture or the colour of curtains and the placement of symbolic objects or gestures which will be a positive move in harmonising the building.

The purpose of inviting a Feng Shui consultant into your home or your business is for an assessment to be completed. The consultant will move from room to room inside and walk around the building outside to identify where and what can be done to help the Chi flow. The consultant will discover the movement of the energies and will ask various questions to make an evaluation based on detail. Birth signs of the occupants will also be taken into account. The consultant will analyse and recommend the best use of rooms and the placement of furniture as well as the colours to be used. An office must have it’s desk in the correct place to encourage good business and finance. The main door of entry being able to allow a positive flow of energy. Any negative energy can be stopped from interfering by allowing the use of symbolic objects and the re-positioning of objects and/or furniture. The counter balancing of obstacles needs to be put into place.

The use of Feng Shui is to balance - to unlock! Life in a off balanced world can be dark and dismal. Relationships can fail. Financial opportunities can be lost and careers can stagnate. Feng Shui can help to bering the solution. A consultant can make the best recommendations to encourage the positive to be much greater than the negative. Many factors will be considered as well as something as simple as the persons date of birth and therefore their birth sign. Any alterations can only be considered to be worthwhile in the understanding of positive and negative influences. Allowing free flow of the positive energies will help the situation.

Feng Shui considers ‘the person’ and their interaction with the earth, sun, sky, moon and even the stars. Each part would be categorised into one of the five elements which are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these elements has it’s own characteristics and will interact with each other. Every person has their own personal element as important as their birth (zodiac) sign according to the Chinese system. In the Chinese astrology there are 12 animal signs which are assigned to each year in rotation.

The year of the .. rat … tiger….rabbit….dragon…..snake….horse….goat…..monkey….rooster….dog….pig….Each of these years is also assigned one of the five elements.

The date of the Chinese astrological year will vary year to year. Chinese New Year's Day is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar. The date is different each year on the Gregorian (internationally-used) calendar, but is always between January 21st and February 20th.