Ouija Boards

The name Ouija comes from ancient Egypt. It is pronounced we-ja. The meaning is good luck! The Ouija board has been used as a tool to help the contact with the spirit world for around 150 years although it is unsure who the inventor was or how it became about. Various stories circulate about where it came from, how to use and indeed it’s use!

The Ouija board became much more popular as a tool as people became more and more interested in the Spirit World. There are various feelings relating to the Ouija board as some people have recorded bad experiences when and after using. Like any tool it needs to be used wth caution and by those who understand the implications of using. It should always be used in the love of God with an opening prayer prior and at the end of using. An Ouija board is associated with the word seance. A group of people will form a circle holding hands. The scene has often been portrayed in films as an example being the Film Ghost with Whoopi Goldberg. Whilst this filmed contained an element of humour it must be stressed that the use of an Ouija board must always be with a sense of responsibility and seriousness.

The board will consist of the 26 letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-10 as well as the words yes and no and goodbye. These letters will be placed in a circle if not static on the actual board. The words yes and no carefully places within the circle. Often a glass is used or a pointer for each member of the seance circle to place their 3rd finger lightly. One member of the group would act as the chair and would ask the pre defined questions after opening in prayer. It should be requested that only loving guides and spirits attend and that a cloak of protection be placed around those taking part. The obvious first question is to ask if spirit is present. Deep concentration and meditation may need to take place to help welcome the spirit to the seance. Questions will be asked with the hope that answers will be spelt out. Sometimes sessions have been known to become somewhat intense which can result in knocking or even the table moving. At the end of the seance the chair will thank the spirit and close in prayer. He or she will ask for a cloak of protection to be places around each member present.