Crystal Balls.

No robes or turbans are required to use a crystal ball!

Crystal Balls - they can be coloured or clear. They can be large or small. A symbol of a mystical power.

Crystal balls have been used for four thousand years! Gaining information by looking into a crystal or a crystal ball is called scrying. Psychics work in their own way. They work in a way which is right for them. A way which helps them to connect in the most beneficial way. Some feel the energy, some smell, some see, some hear and some a combination or all of the listed. Some psychics use vision and touch. Some are able to even read you without you even being in the same room. Indeed some can even give telephone reading! They can feel and see through intuition. They may ask to hold something which belongs to you or a loved one. Others like to use cards, crystals or/and crystal balls. The idea of a psychic using a crystal ball has been one which has travelled through time. It is a tool of concentration. It allows the psychic to see and read the given information.

There are a few types of clear crystal balls including the natural quartz crystal, laboratory-grown crystal and glass. Natural quartz crystal balls are cut from naturally occurring veins of crystal.

An amethyst ball can channel spiritual energy, and are effective in communicating with spirit guides. They are also helpful in interpreting dreams.

Rose quartz balls help with emotional issues and the heart. Rose quartz can help in healing and forgiveness especially with emotional issues.

Smoky quartz helps clearing negativity. It is a powerful crystal which can help defect negativity in ones own mind and the minds of others.

Malachite is a useful tool in helping to reveal past-life connections.

Yellow stones, tiger-eye, yellow citrine, topaz, ametrine and amber reveal the brighter side of an issue and warms the heart. All of these stones are available as balls, though some are much more expensive than others.

Crystals carry an electric charge which is called piezo-electricity which can be converted into a force of electrical signals. You might be aware that crystals are used in watches, tv and other transmitters due to the electric charge.
The size of the crystal ball a psychic may use if a matter of preference and can vary from large balls on stands to a palm ball literally held in the palm.

No robes or turbans are required to use a crystal ball!!