Is a Psychic a Professional.

The answer to this is yes the majority are professionals in their field. As in any profession training is very much ‘part of the job’. This is no different for a psychic. A good psychic even if born with the gift needs to expand and develop their knowledge and understanding constantly. The profession should be respected and not ridiculed. Just because a person doesn’t agree or acknowledge or even believe does not give room for ridicule. Like any profession there are good and not so good. Psychics have often had to cope with bad press as unfortunately there are some which play on the vulnerability of people and emotions. For this reason it is a good idea to go with recommendation as you would say a builder or a hairdresser. If recommendations are not possible then contact your nearest Spiritualist church who will have a list of mediums and psychics known to them.

Psychics are very misunderstood people. Some take an active interest whilst others won’t give the time of day to even discussing. One of the problems a psychic has is that the end result can not be seen immediately therefore they and their messages are hard to measure. They are not able to give next weeks lottery numbers and as we have discussed previously time does not have the same meaning in the spirit world. It is not possible for them to say you will find love by Christmas as an example. Christmas may be this year, next year or a Christmas in the future. This doesn’t mean they are wrong. It just confirms that time has no meaning. A professional will not give you ‘bad news’ either. It is not there job to do so and against the ethics of what they do. Most like to demonstrate by evidence. They can go back to describe someone to you who has gone to the Spirit world which will provide the evidence you need to have trust in the reading. Sometimes names can be given or you can be asked to check detail later with say someone who may know such as a family member. Many a psychic will act on intuition - they feel the information they give. We all have free will to decide how we deal with this information. A psychic is not a mind reader but is often able to pick up on emotions and body language to help them with their intuition. A psychic is like a radio. They are not constantly switched on. They have to tune in to their client. This takes concentration and quiet. They have to tune into that person to be able to provide a reading. A psychic then has to interpret the information which they receive. As said before some see things in shapes and sizes, others in colours. Some images and others emotions or of course a combination. Each has a personal way of interpretation.

A psychic medium is taught to ‘shut down’. They have to close there channels or they will remain open to being awash with psychic impressions which would be too much for anyone. Imagine walking into a supermarket and being open to everyone in your sight. It would be far too much. To close down they must attach to the 7 chakras. Working from the crown downwards, closing each channel of the body. They wold then say a closing down prayer asking for protection. This is very important and relevant.

Some people think of a psychic and think of Gypsy Rose Lee at the end of the pier! Most psychics are very ordinary people and certainly do not stand out in a crowd unless that is their intention. An impression from psychics on television is one of hair in a turban, plenty of make-up and jewellery sitting in a long robe with a huge crystal ball in front of her whilst hidden behind a dark curtain. This is far from the average physic loo or way of working. Not that there is anything wrong with Gypsy Rose Lee of course - just that it is an interpretation of the average which isn’t the case at all. Being psychic is exhausting work. It is a profession - indeed there are now courses leading to qualifications. It is important to close down. A good psychic will often not be aware of the reading after the event. They often have little memory of what has been said or came about.

So how do you know if you are psychic? Well we all are at various levels. Some are just more developed or intone than others. Some may not as yet acknowledged or even realised their ability. Think of the film Ghost and Whoopi Goldberg. Ok it is obviously a film but think of her surprise when she realised that she could actually tap in to a spirit. This can be the case with many people. They suddenly and sometimes without any particular reason tune in to a wonderful experience which they then take forward to develop. That voice in the head giving advice perhaps. Or the intuition of just knowing! The question then is how to take this forward. It is highly recommended that you should join your local Spiritualist church. There will be people who will help you and offer you advice. Each church will have a number of psychic mediums who attend their services each week. As a starter perhaps attend these services as each medium will work in a different way. You will learn which way appeals to you. Most churches have training and groups set up including healing. It is a good idea to join one of these groups known as circles. You will be encouraged to develop and given ideas on how to progress with exercises to show you the way forward. They will offer closed groups as well as open circles. The difference being commitment! A closed circle is just that. What goes on there stays there! You will be expected to turn up for each session and be totally committed. An open circle is much more relaxed in that it appreciates that a solid commitment is not always easy and things go on in peoples lives. An open circle is probably the best start to then go further within a closed circle at a later time. It is encouraged to belong to a circle to get the best and the most from the training. Some Mediums offer a one to one but you will only learn their way which may not be the right way for you. These circles are usually 2 hour groups every week and cost just a few pounds to attend. Anyone offering training at high costs should be thought about closely. Also the church will be there to offer you the security of knowing that you have their back up. Your nearest church can be found by simply googling as most would be listed. You will be made to feel very welcome at any service and this is ideal as a starting point.