What goes around, comes around. It is believed that Karma is the law of cause and effect. Whatever a person does has an affect on the universe and therefore will eventually come back. It is very much part of many Eastern traditions and beliefs. It is part of their religion and many will live their lives fully aware of this belief. They believe all actions and thoughts will be delivered back to you. They believe the Karma is the justice of man. Live a good life and a good life will be given. Treat someone badly and do so at your peril. They believe that Karma will come back both in this life and the next. Karma is affected by free will. You choose how you live your life. You choose the actions you take therefore you choose the karma you create. It is also a belief that if you were a good person but you are unlucky or bad things happen to you then it is a consequence of how you acted in a previous life. They believe that each persons soul has passed through many bodies and with each it has the opportunity to grow and better karma. It is a teacher whereby you have the opportunity to learn from it. By facing the challenges of each life your soul will become wiser and spiritually stronger.

So do we have the opportunity to choose who we are when reborn? Or even when this might happen? Some believe that this is the case. That the soul can decide where best his karma is used. If this be the case then why are we not able to remember a life gone by? It is argued that the mind is at it’s strongest during meditation or yoga and therefore more able to be aware of lives gone by. Some people have recurrent dreams which lead them to believe they have experienced a past life. Others have recollections of places and people. A place they have never visited but know so well and people not met previously. but who ae recognised. Others may consider a phobia or a great fear as being associated with something which may have happened during a previous lifespan.

One theory supporting reincarnation suggests that a birth mark is a wound from a previous life. Doctor Ian Stevenson, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia Medical School has studied this theory along with reincarnation generally. He documented many cases but his most famous being the case of Alaskan Tlingit Indian, Victor Vincent. About a year before his death, Victor told his niece that he would be reborn as her next child and would have a mark which matched a surgical scar on his back. When the baby Corliss Chitin Jr. was born a few years later he did indeed have a birth mark in the exact same place and the same shape as Victor’s scar.