What is a Guide?

A guide has usually lived as a human but it can just be energy. A guide comes into your life and does just that - guides! Is intuition your guide speaking to you? You may or may not know your guide but that doesn't matter. A spirit guide may well be a deceased loved one or your guide may be someone from you far distant past or an energy of 'knowing'. You may know them or they may be a stranger. You will probably have more than one guide. Some believe their spirit guide was assigned prior to birth. Others believe that they may come and go or are replaced at various times of life. You may have a main guide and then perhaps a healing guide. Your healing guide can be called upon in times of illness or if you yourself would like to give spiritual healing. More of this later! A healing guide usually has a medical background. Perhaps a doctor during life. Your main guide will introduce themselves to you when they feel the time is right. Often this may be during meditation. Ask for a name and allow them to introduce themselves. As your guide to help you and to guide you. Use your intuition to feel your guide and welcome to your life.