Mandela Effect.

This is probably explained in simple terms as a way of describing strange or curious incidences where perhaps we remember things one way but they turn out to be very different. The name Mandela Effect was given to this special type of memory. Many people could remember Nelson Mandela dying in his South African prison back in the 80’s. Many could recall his funeral and the disturbances in many cities around the country. He actually died on December 5th 2013. The Mandela Effect was named by paranormal enthusiast Fiona Broome when she discovered she wasn’t the only one who wrongly believed Nelson Mandela died in prison in the 1980s.

Have you ever had a vivid memory of something only to find that you feel tricked? Some people have recollections of other things such as a brand name suddenly being different to how it had been remembered all along. Or perhaps a spelling of a name or branding logo being different. Usually this can be shared by a number of people and can not be put down to just memory playing tricks. 

This is not to be confused with Deja vu which is very different. Deja vu is of the instant, like a recollection of having already lived an experience or visited somewhere almost to the point that you can predict what will happen next. 

The Mandela effects has a large number instances mainly related to logos, brand names and thing in movies. A large number of the people who are convinced they have found one of these changes set out to find an example of it being as they remember. 

To most people this phenomenon is of so little importance they choose to ignore it but to us it is of interest. One example of this is an illustrator who worked at FoMoCo. briefly in 1966 who followed motor racing. He had a special interest in the Le Mans 24 hour sports car race held every June. In 1966 Ford finally won the race on its third attempt. 

A couple of years ago he decided to do a fully illustrated history of this 1966 race. He drew everything - cars, drivers, track etc. He drew the blue background oval Ford logo badge. When he drew it the F did not have a curly pigs tail to the lower bar it was more of a swoosh. Recently Youtubers pointed out that the F had the pigs tail so he went to check the original - it had a pigs tail!

We are very reliant on our memories - in truth it is us. We are aware we can be fooled - magicians show us regularly but when you draw something you have a different relationship with things. An example is that if you draw your google route map you often don’t need to use your satnav.  

The explanations for this effect falls into three very distinct groups: the first being that you have made a mistake. The second being that we have slipped into a different parallel universe and third being the most interesting of all that we and the world were destroyed in a nuclear war or that the Mayan prophesy end of the university was true and someone replaced the world/universe with a computer type simulation containing minor errors.

The most comforting idea is we just remember two overlapping things and the memory got fooled. The parallel universe slippage is a bit unnerving: when did it happen and will there be more timeline swapping. Will we go back and every recent achievement be wiped away, or return after an epidemic or war. The third possibility is truly terrifying as we may be lab rats. Maybe its always been a simulation. Maybe we are in a childs computer game which when called to tea will just close us up.

One thing is clear: too many people are intelligently questioning and checking the situation for it to be irrelevant.