The word clairvoyance comes from the French of clear seeing. It is the ability to see the greater picture. We all have the gift of clairvoyance but some more than others. This again is the skill to be developed when practiced. An exercise is to think about an incident which you can refer. Attempt to analyse how accurate were you. Describe your perception - did you just know? Was it a flash of insight? Was it just a feeling? Did you have a physical sense within your body. Log your findings and feelings and experiences. Note whether it was a positive or a negative experience. Perhaps you heard a voice. Was this outside your physical body or within your head. Could you feel? Smell or taste? Describe in your log. If you did hear a voice was it your own? If not did you recognise it? Was it male or female or without gender? If you saw an image what exactly did you see? Perhaps you saw a symbolic representation based on your own intuitive symbols. If so describe.

What else are you able to describe relating to this experience.