Remote Viewings - Telephatic.

How many times have you thought of a person only for them to then phone you or for you to meet? How many times has the phone rang for you to now who is calling prior to answering?

Is this mind to mind transaction or is it just coincidence.?

This is an interesting experiment to try with another person. Do not discuss this with them beforehand but agree on a time, day and even a place for your minds to come together. Try not to allow external distractions to come into your space.
Each person should sit quietly and go into deep thought. Think of the other person you wish to send thoughts to. As a first experiment think clearly about a colour. Do not allow distractions to send you off course. You are thinking of that one person and sending them a colour. Once you feel confident that this message has been sent send them a place. This place could be any which comes to mind. A shop, a beach, a garden any that you feel strongly is in your mind. Once you again feel confident the message has been sent then try an object or an image. concentrate on sending those thoughts to your chosen partner.
Afterwards discuss with your partner and note in your log. Should you feel your finding are unclear then take a step backwards and work together.
Gather 6 objects, 6 coloured sheets and 6 animal photographs or pictures. Each of these should of course be different.
With your partner each take a turn to send information to each other. First take an object and send the thought across. Work through the objects, colours and pictures.
Then compare your results. Obviously it can be argued that a % can be pure chance or co-incidence but your intuition will tell you how much are the results are based on chance. Keep practicing and logging the results.

Remote Viewing

Remote viewing is the ability to place ones mind to a place or situation where one can see as perhaps a third person might see. This is the ability to obtain information without having a sender to transmit it.
Police are known to sometimes use a remote viewing psychic to help with the closure of various types of crime to include murder and disappearance as most known. Remote viewing is free of time. It can be past present and future. The term back to the future is often used in relation to remote viewing. We hear of people not travelling on certain days or certain vehicles
as they have witnessed a premonition of perhaps an accident. Some people take advice on many aspects of their life before making decisions. The term ‘I could see it happening’. Again 9.11 is an example of many a tale. It has been recorded that people for saw that awful morning. Some could describe being in the buildings or even on the plane. Who are we to doubt their accounts. Sometimes much evidence is produced to back up these accounts.

Try this exercise. Working with a partner as an ideal or if this isn’t possible then do try by yourself. Think of a place you have yet to visit but intend to do so in the near future. If you are working with another then ask that person to list questions for you to answer.

Choose the place and close your eyes. Visualise this place. Take deep breaths imagine you are floating out of your body. Take your self to your chosen place. Now describe this place to the other person. This person should not comment. If you are trying this exercise alone then note down or record for future use. Your partner should take notes.
What do you see? Take time to look around your and and describe the surroundings. What colours do you see? What objects are around you? Can you identify shapes and smells. What else can you see or feel? Move yourself back to your physical body. Take deep breaths and come back into your surroundings. Wriggle you toes and your fingers. Ask your partner for feedback. Write down everything in your journal. If alone make sure you write as much as you remember.