So who are the archangels and what are their functions?

Archangels as well as the angels are neither male or female. For the purpose of describing they will be referred as he.

Meet Your Archangels

Remember you must invite them into your life.

Archangel Michael is the most renowned. Often described as the leader of the archangels. He is the protector. He will protect through all. His name Michael has a meaning 'like God'. Pictures of Michael often see him holding his sword and the scales of justice. He will carry the blue flame which is overall protection, strength and truth. Michael is integrity and ensures courage. He is the protector both physical and emotional. Many people have asked Michael to help them in everyday situations. Perhaps you are alone and walking down a dark road. Michael will be will guide and ensure a safe journey when asked. Michael will give the courage to proceed. He will cut through the negative influence. In times of the greatest of troubles Michael will be attending and giving courage. Ask Archangel Michael to help you (describe the situation) to give you strength and courage to go forward. Invite Michael into your life.

Archangel Raphael is the archangel of healing. His name means God's healing power. Raphael will help with all types of healing.
Ask him to intervene. He will help with emotions as well as the physical body. You can ask him to help another who may need healing. Raphael can also be called to assist spiritual healers perhaps when the healing guide can not provide such. Doctors often ask for Raphael to help when going into surgery. Healing can also be for a situation as well as physical or emotional. Remember to invite Raphael into your life and ask for help.

Archangel Gabriel is the strength of God. He will guide and visualise allowing purification and guidance. He will help you find your way. He can work alongside Raphael and guide you from depression. He is there to guide on positive things too. Like which college course to take or if to change a job. Or where to find that job. Maybe you will happen to meet someone at a bus stop who mentions the company they work for is looking for someone with your skills. Co-incidence or Gabriel? Gabriel Has a vision. He is able to bring messages. The bible tell us that Gabriel brought a message from God to the Virgin Mary. He can help with interpreting your dreams and give you guidance of the future should you ask. He can help to purify you. If you have bad thought for actions he can help you and guide you. Remember to invite Gabriel into your life.

Archangel Zadkiel is rectitude or righteousness. He is the archangel of tolerance, mercy and forgiveness. He works to take away negative energy bringing harmony and healing. He will endeavour to dilute the negative such as hatred, guilt and anger. He will allow you to forgive yourself and help you not to feel resentment or bitterness. He will help you to analyse yourself and encourage you to feel positively about yourself, others and situations. Remember to invite Zadkiel into your life.

Archangel Jophiel translates to the beauty of God. He will bring inspiration and brightness. He will bring wisdom and an awakening of positive mental energy. Jophiel will help to open mental blocks. He will encourage you to look deep into yourself allowing a much deeper understanding. He will help you see the big picture when everything just seems to fall into place. That Eureka moment! The sudden realisation or solution. Remember to invite Jophiel into your life.

Archangel Chamuel The seeing of God. He is the archangel of relationships, nurturing and unconditional love. He will help you to learn to love yourself. He will help you to love others and assist you to not be judgemental about yourself or others. He is the archangel to call upon in times of despair and depression. If you feel helpless or broken hearted for any reason. He will assist with over coming the feeling of loneliness. Chamuel will help you if you are suffering from a breakdown in a relationship. He helps to bring families together and cuts through tension. He will be there to help through divorce or if you need strength within a relationship. Chamuel will be by your side to help you through bereavement and loss. Remember to invite Chamuel into your life.

Archangel Uriel is the light of God. He will bring you peace and ease the feeling of tension. He will help you to erase your fears and to face and challenge negativity. He will help you to stabilise your life. Uriel also is the archangel called upon to help with bad feeling. He will fight to ensure calmness and inner peace and challenges those that fight against peace in the world. He encourages harmony and works to take fear away form life. Remember to Invite Uriel into your life.