Positive Thoughts.

Picture a place which may have a special meaning to you for any reason. Use a photo or a picture of this place if this helps you. Allow your mind to wander throughout this place picking up on things and thoughts which perhaps you hadn’t noticed before. Again be ready to log. It could be a colour a scent or a flower or an object. Bring any worries and thoughts to the centre of this place. Write down any thoughts or worries along with ten reasons as to how to overcome them. What do you need to do to achieve leaving this worry behind. What thoughts do you need to have for things to materialise?

Is it a good day? An ok day? or a quite bad day? How do you feel today? Are you in a good mood an ok mood? or a bad mood? Why do you feel like this? Has something happened to make you feel like this? Are you emotions all over the place? This makes most people feel o key. What is your gut feeling about how you feel? Do you think emotions might change during the day? What would make them change? What would make you feel better? To feel better is to feel positive. Should you feel off key or negative or upset due to a situation or a person perhaps then this is negative and it will block good experiences which may come along. It is therefore important for you to try to shake off this block. It is a waste to spend time worrying on things you can do little about. If a person, place or a thing is causing a negative influence it has control. To allow the negative to have control allows it to breed. Therefore the negative will then become stronger than the positive. Every thought counts! Positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. The negative will push any good away into the distance. The negative produces a barrier. If you feel you won’t get that new job as you are to good enough then you probably won’t. A positive approach may produce a different result as you will feed the atmosphere with the positive. Decide today to be positive and to kick out anything which will bring you down. Don’t waste your time arguing or worrying about poor relationships etc. The more you think and talk about them the more you are pushing them into place. Little good can come into your mind and life if it has a huge step of negative to overcome.

It is important to remember that the only person you have control over is yourself. You can not control others. You can control your own thoughts and feelings but you can not control others. Everyone has free will and can choose how they wish to see the world. The mind is a very powerful tool. Therefore you have total control over your own mind. You can put your mind in order just by discarding the negative and concentrating on what makes you feel good. Think positive thoughts such as people who make you feel happy. Places you have visited or even the good deed of others. Think of the love in your life. The love of your family and friends, joyful thoughts and life experiences. Think of today, yesterday and tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day but it also never comes.

Soon you will feel more relaxed with emotions in check. You have control over your own mind so use that control in a positive way.

A technique to adopt that will help you is to take notice when you are in a good place with good friends with everything going well to take the equivalent of an emotional snap shot. This can then be used anytime to re-immerse yourself in the joy to make you feel better, less lost and in control.