Throw It Open To The Universe

Any problem throw it open to universe.

This is something many like to do. It has become popular with certain celebrities who have written books about throwing ideas and worries to the universe. This is nothing new and something which has been practiced for many many years. Ask the universe to accept and allow your intuition to be active. Pick up on any nudges and write them down. You will feel that things will begin to fall into place. Any worries and thoughts will become easier to deal with. The universe will take them from you. They will take over. Paint a picture of yourself within your mind of you in this special place. Think of this picture without the worry which has been lifted. To visualise is to paint a mental image. Sense ‘I can see myself driving that car. I can see myself in that job. I can see myself on that beach swimming in that sea’. You can use positive mental images to create a better self image and perhaps encourage a more positive and confident you.