Use The Power Of The Mind.

Creative visualisation is built on the philosopher psychologist William James Theory (1843-1910). A firm believer of the power of the mind. If you think about what you would like to achieve you are able to get there. Visualise yourself in that lovely new car driving along the seafront in the sun. To think about things and to visualise helps to make them real.

If you are clear about what it is you want you can then create goals which will help you to achieve quickly.

If you feel something is unachievable then it is! It will become unachievable, If you feel like this then take action and allow intuition to help you.

Create a visual image of your desires. The image will help to promote a positive outcome. Change your view of time to help you gain control. Past, present and future. Look at things from all angles.

Use all the clues in intuition to help. If you suddenly have the urge to seek out an old friend then do so. If you feel you need to be somewhere then go. You may well find yourself pulled towards a certain book in the bookshop or library. Read it!
Sometimes you may feel the urge to speak to someone. Maybe in a shopping queue or on a bus. Speak with them if you feel inclined.

Use instinctive intuition and information to help you in every aspect of your life.

Set your own psychic symbols. Recognise what certain things can mean. Getting in tune with your intuition is a process. It takes time and practice. It is something to be learned.

Your guides will help you to pull things together to help you achieve your goals.