Think About Meditation - past, present and future!

Sit in your quiet place. It could be a room, a bench, a field, a beach or anywhere you feel comfortable. Look forward and take in what you see. If you are on a beach can you see time gone by? Can you see the people playing? Can you hear the laughter? Look into the field. Can you see another time? Perhaps people working in the field? Can you see the farmers working the land across those fields. Concentrate can you hear the laughter, the speech, do you feel that you are on the outside looking in? You may have tapped into time one by. Watch, feel and connect. Note what you feel, what you hear, see and your emotions. Write in you log and record.

Now think about the present. The right now! Right this second! What do you feel see hear? Write down and log. The present will become the past. Re-visit the place you have chosen. Where are you? Try to empty you mind of everyday things. The thought sand the worries. Look out into the future. Look at your field or your beach. Has it changed? Have the people changed? What do you feel? What do you see and hear. Make a note of what is going on. Are you able to click into the life you are watching? Are you able to communicate with anyone? Speak with them? Do you know their name? Why they are there. What they do. Note and log the information. You have stepped into the future.