Co-incidences & Synchronicities

Where things just seem to fall into place. List as many times as you can remember where this has happened. What led up to it? Could this be a sliding door moment. A few seconds either side of doing something and the outcome could be different.

Perhaps you are looking for a job and just happen to bump into someone who knows of one available which is suitable.

Perhaps you see a car which you like to then later to be told it is for sale.

So many occasions things just seem to slip into place. Is this co-incidence or much more? Had you been 5 minutes later would you have been involved in that disaster? The awfulness of 9.11 brought so many stories to light. How someone felt ill that morning so didn’t attend work. How they missed the train. Etc etc. How can this be explained?
We have to appreciate too that any form of change can be a challenge. To live with the above knowing that life was influenced causes change. That change can cause consequences. It can be difficult to understand.

Have there been incidents in your life where your life is different due to external factors? List them and look at the ‘sliding door’. How different is your life? Is it better or would you consider worse? Why? Think about your answers and describe them - challenge them! Why do you think such a thing happened or didn’t happen. What are the consequences?

Every situation we learn from. Sometimes it can take courage, patience and even forgiveness. It will nearly always take thoughts and feelings.

The outcome of situations is important to evaluate as it allows the passage forward. Consider what you would like or want. Describe your thoughts and your feelings in your log or directly with a friend.

Think of the steps necessary to achieve the required outcome. These steps can be small steps but help to achieve goals. What actions are needed?

Life is full of messages. It is for us to understand them. What is a message? It can be a text, statement, newspaper, a comment by someone, a dream or just a thought. It is for us to recognise and figure out the meaning.