Transision Phrase.

Does it seem as if you are doing nothing but things are happening around you? Have you done anything to influence this?

To think things through is to allow progression.

We have Guides and Angels who are on our side. Always try to involve them. Ask them to come close.

Ask the universe and its connections to help answer you.

Relax and meditate. This will allow your intuition to come through. Sometimes our day seems to be one big rush. Allow things to cool down. Wait and slow down! If you feel unsure about something then slow right down. Remember the saying ‘to sleep on it’. To wait is sometimes the best strategy. allow time for the answer to come through. Relax into an inner calm. This will lead you to the eureka phrase the ahhhh now I understand! Answers will come to you. Your intuition will step in all by itself. It will nudge you towards the answer or inner certainty that you ‘just know’.

Go With Your Gut

How many times have we heard that expression! That feeling of just knowing! Things just clicked i to place. The feeling of calm and peaceful- relieved!

Often the intuition will tell you what to do next - how to go forward. Listen to your inner self.