Decision Making.

How do we make a decision? We use our own judgement. We evaluate situations and we use our intuition. It is easy to make a decision based on perhaps panic. If I don’t do this now then the consequences will be …….. They may actually be the same regardless. Does it really matter? Sometimes of course decisions do have to made quickly not allowing time to digest situations. It is not always productive to make a decision based on panic. Does the question give a clear yes or no answer? This is where a pro and con list can be helpful. Right the reasons down the fort and the against. Look at the results. Decisions can also be made based on confusion. Again not a good way forward. Trust your intuition but also take the opportunity to discuss with others who you trust. They will use their intuition too. The old saying ‘Two heads are better than one”.

It is important to always remember that intuition does not replace logic or rationality. It just adds to the decision making process.


Write down what decision you need to make.
Think about and then make a list of all the pros and cons - the for and against.
Gather as much information as you can relating to the subject matter.

It could be to take a new job. Or give up an existing job or relationship.

It may be to take a different route in life

What are the consequences of actions?