Risk Is Part Of Development.


Often we pick up on things which are not quite as they seem. This gut feeling can be a sixth sense or intuition. It can also be your Guide stepping forward warning you. Sometimes the gut feeling is the right one. It can identify cheating. It can pick up on ‘the mood’ or just identify something which doesn’t ‘feel’ right! It would be a mistake not to take these signs seriously. To evaluate and make a decision is all part of the process. Risk is part of development and learning. To be wrong is ok. It is part of that development and learning.

Evaluate why you were wrong. What influenced these decisions? Was it the way someone moved or dressed. Did the person act in such a way that it influenced your judgement? Did you misread the signs? Perhaps you held back as you felt fearful of the outcome? Ask yourself if it all fits into place now. If it does what made the difference. If it doesn’t were you actually correct all along?

Looking back at relationships as an example. Intuition is often obvious but may take the passage of time to become apparent. Look at basic friendship. How close are you to your best friend? Do you always feel that he or she is 100% with you? Do you sometimes sense that all isn’t as you would be led to believe?

Think of a new relationship. Looking down the line can you recognise that little voice telling you this person wasn’t quite right for you.? Despite hearing alarm bells did you ignore your intuition? Is it better to trust your own judgement? We all the power of free will. At the end of the day we are responsible for our own decisions. Intuition can act as a warning a signal or confirmation that your judgement is intact.