What Are Angels?

Angels are messengers from God. They are here to help us and to guide and protect us They are our special link with God. They inspire us and encourage us. They are on a different frequency to us so we are only able to see them when they allow us to do so. They will not interfere with our life unless we invite them to do so. We have to ask them to come into our life and to help us with certain situations. Angels can come into our lives in many different ways. Some may be personal to the individual. Some times you may feel a presence and other times things just fall into place but the feeling of ‘just knowing’ stays with you. Some people experience Angels in their dreams. where ever and how ever rest knowing that Angels are for ever with you. We just need to call upon them. Be aware of your Angel. Do not wait until a hardship or crisis enters your life. Think of them and speak with them. Invite them into your life - to be part of your life as that is what they are. They wait to be invited.

An Angel is not a human who has passed over. They have never been human and never will.They are neither male or female. They are able to show both male and female qualities and can come over as male or female but they are genderless. They may well show themselves in human form but that is simply as a form of recognition. Equally a human when passing will never become an Angel. Angels are special. They are the messenger from God.

Everyone has their own special Guardian Angel. This Angel was designated to you before your birth. Your guardian Angel is with you all the time and loves unconditionally. They are not there to judge you but they are there to help you pave your way. Whether you accept the is up to you.

Archangels are the highest of the high. The three most familiar are Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabriel. Each of these archangels can be called upon at anytime and each has their own functions. Like the Angels the Archangels need to be invited into your life. You can ask the Angles and Archangels to help others too as well as yourself. Explain why you are calling upon them to help and ask them to step in. They will not enter your life unless you invite them. It is important not to expect instant results. The results may not be as you expected. You may not even recognise that you have received help until a long time into the future when you look back and see the big picture. Also to ask help finding lottery 6 winning numbers isn’t what their function is either. The Angels and Archangels respect you and equally you must respect them too.